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Alaska Firewood Information

Here you can find information on firewood harvesting in Alaska.


Access data to identify the optimal time to harvest the trees when they are at their driest. Work with the trees natural water use patterns to minimize your firewood drying time and the weight you have to haul out.

Learn about different home and municipal heating methods and different fuel sources.

Please participate in our firewood survey!

We want to learn about your firewood use, collection and drying habits.

Click on this underlined link Alaska Firewood Info Survey  to access the survey.

Image of Alaskan landscape near Fairbanks.

Underlined names of universities or institutes lead to the landing page for each entity. 


The data collected and shared on this website is part of a project led by - 


Dr. Jessie Young-Robertson - a Boreal Forest Ecologist and co-director of research in the Forest Soils Lab which is part of the Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station (AFES) within the Institute of Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Extension (IANRE) at the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF)

Dr. Joe Little - an Economist at Northern Arizona University


Art Nash - an Energy Extension Specialist within the IANRE.

The data collection portion of this project is conducted by the Forest Soils Lab: Matthew Robertson (lead field technician) and Richard Ranft (lab manager, assists with field work). 

Learn more about project people by clicking this button.

Latest Publications

Keep an eye out here for new publications from this team or from others that are relevant to this project.

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